Helping Young
people discover
their impact

on the world


The Young People Index®  (The YPI) is an online assessment tool which prepares young people for success. Used by education professionals and youth organisations, it helps identify and nurture the impact young people will make now and in the future.

The results from the assessment empowers young people by highlighting their unique impact in terms of how they can best contribute to a team, organisation, project or role, boosting confidence and self-awareness.

By taking the assessment, we can see a young person’s natural motivations and preferences when working in a team. This instantly raises self-awareness and confidence in knowing their strengths and how they best make a contribution.

Who it can help:

  • Teachers, Educators & Sports coaches
  • parents & carers

to young

It is vital that each and every young person is aware of how they can make an impact on their future. They need to understand the value they can add in the classroom, to a team or in society as a whole. Not only will this increase self awareness and self-esteem, but will also enable them to make more informed choices about their future, because they are more confident about who they are.

The insight from the YPI can help young people to:
  • Increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • Make better choices about their subject choices at school / college
  • Articulate their impact at an interview with a future employer
  • Research a career where they will thrive not survive
  • Make better informed choices about their future career based on who they are and what naturally motivates them
  • Understand how they can best contribute to a team and communicate effectively with others

The Young People Index® can considerably improve the performance and engagement of young people and help teachers, youth workers and sports coaches understand the contributions each young person makes, or has the potential to make (their impact). This knowledge can be used in many ways, some of which are: to develop questioning skills, adapt teaching and communication methods, and analyse group dynamics to create more impactful results, be this in the classroom or on the sports field.

The insight and data from the YPI
can help your organisation to:
  • Create an inclusive performance culture where
    everyone is valued for the contribution they can make
  • Enhance teachers’ and coaches’ knowledge of
    the individuals they are educating or coaching
  • Aid understanding of the contribution each
    young person makes and has the potential to make
  • Boost the confidence of young people
  • Increase rapport between teachers/coaches, and
    children with additional behavioural and learning needs
  • Better align teaching and learning styles
    between adults and young people

The benefits
Sports Teams
and Youth


The complex world facing young people today often leaves parents feeling  unprepared and uncertain about how to help their children especially when they become young adults. We aim to provide support to both parents and their offspring by helping them understand the unique impact their child can make. The insight from the report can transform how a young person feels about their future by helping them become more self aware, raising their self-esteem and showing them how they can find the right path for career and life success, based on who they are as individuals.

“YPI is a fantastic tool to get more involved with your children, challenge them to discover themselves and provide them with the insight tools they need to make the transition into the real world”



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